Master of Science in Management of financial and economic security


Master of Science in Management of financial and economic security

On the basis of higher education or complete higher education.

Term of apprenticeship:
•  1,5 year, full-time education
• 2 years, part-time education

The purpose of the speciality 8.18010014 «Financial and Economic Security Management» is to train professionals in the area of security of enterprises, institutes and organizations, to provide scientific support for development of the economic security system at all management levels, to develop national standards of economic security.
Masters‘ training with a degree in «Financial and Economic Security Management» lasts a year and a half in case of full-time education and two years in case of part-time education (state financed or fee-paying education).
Applicants with an undergraduate higher education (Bachelor's degree) of any speciality or any complete higher education (Master’s degree or Associate Degree) are welcomed.
The applicants are enlisted subsequent to the results of foreign language test and professional examination.
After graduation the students obtain a Master's degree in Financial and Economic Security Management. 

Master receives knowledge in the area:
• organization and management of the system of financial and economic security of enterprise, information and analytical security of enterprise and banking institutions;
• fundamentals of financial security of Ukraine, banking security systems and international standards of security;
• control and protection of trade secrets at the enterprise, legal security of enterprises in Ukraine;
• organization and management of property and personal safety of entrepreneur, technologies of safety and security arrangements, management of corporate conflicts, corporate rights and intangible assets.

The structure of the disciplines of the speciality:

Module 1. The Theory of Organization and Management of Social-Economic Systems;
• The theory of organization and management of security of social systems ;
• Organization and management of the system of financial and economic security;
• Organization and management of financial and economic security of banks, financial and banking institutions.

Module 2. Information and Analytical Support for Enterprise Security Arrangements
• Organization and management of information and analytical support for enterprise security arrangements;
• Economic risk and methods of its measurement.

Module 3. Legal Groundwork for Security Arrangements
• Protection management of proprietory information of an enterprise;
• Legal groundwork for enterprises in Ukraine;
• Organization and management of entrepreneur’s property and personal safety.

Module 4. Social-Psychological Approach to Security Management
• Corporate conflicts and negotiation methods;
• Conflictology;
• Psychology of management.

 Module 5. Development Strategy for Economic Security Systems
• Strategic and innovative arrangements for the system of enterprise security development;
• International standards of security arrangements;
• Teaching methods for educational subjects connected with economic security;
• Current research in the field of economic security.

The speciality is compatible with the international speciality «Security Management».
Masters’ training of the speciality 8.18010014 «Financial and Economic Security Management» is provided by the leading lecturers of O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv – professors and associated professors of the department of Economics and Entrepreneurship

The field of application of competencies, skills and knowledge in the future profession:

after getting degree in «Financial and Economic Security Management» a Master has an opportunity to occupy positions (according to National Occupational Classification of Ukraine 003:2010):
• an executive in the relevant departments of the Security Service of Ukraine, Controlling and Auditing service, Tax police and other state institutions;
• a senior manager and a manager of the Security Department, Department of Corporate Social Responsibility of enterprises and institutions;
• an expert on financial and economic security, intellectual property, security business, organisational arrangements for information security;
• financial and economic security analyst, a leading expert on financial and economic security, property security and personal safety;
• an executive official in the banking system (banking subsidiary, other finance institute).